Zach Gilford’s Confession About Taylor Swift Is Fearless

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Taylor Swift’s Oscars Fate for All Too Well REVEALED

Sometimes you are captivated to fulfill somebody—but you have a blank area when it comes to their name.

That’s what occurred for Zach Gilford, who starred as Taylor Swift‘s love interest in the “Ours” music video, as he justrecently exposed he didn’t understand the superstar’s initially name while working with her on the 2011 task.

“Here’s the thing…I’m simply so out of touch,” he confessed throughout the Jan. 24 episode of PodcastOne’s LadyGang podcast. “They were doing all this behind-the-scenes videofootage on that music video and they’re talkingto me and I’m actually bad with names and I wasn’t sure if her name was Taylor or Tyler.”

So, what did Zach do? He referred to Taylor by her last name rather.

“I just referred to her as Ms. Swift. I’d go ‘Ms. Swift. She’s so fantastic. She’s so sweet. She’s so terrific to work with,'” he remembered. “And I was frightened… I would haveactually been the veryfirst individual ever canceled if I stated her name incorrect.”

Looking back on after the job had covered, Zach shared that Taylor offered him something unique.

“This was the best thing,” he stated. “She provided me like a handwritten note of ‘Things to do in Nashville.’ It was so sweet and thoughtful, and I believe there were like little hearts over the I’s. It was actually charming.”

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While Zach didn’t have Taylor’s name down throughout recording, it’s safe to state the “Love Story” vocalist understood his name really well.

“The person who we cast to play my love interest is a person called Zach Gilford,” Taylor described in 2011 throughout one of the “Taylor Swift The Making of Ours” webisodes with Taste of Country. “He was somebody that I had in mind duetothefactthat he’s actually charming in all the functions that he plays.”


Taylor continued, “I’ve seen him in films and in reveals that he’s been in and I was simply constantly actually amazed by when he’s onscreen. He constantly brings heart to it and that’s what I desired in this character.”

Zach might have not understood Taylor’s name all too well, however that video is one to keepinmind.

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