Why The Ultimatum ’s Rae Williams Is “Staying Quiet” About Breakup With Zay Wilson

Why The Ultimatum ’s Rae Williams Is “Staying Quiet” About Breakup With Zay Wilson thumbnail

Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Is There Hope for Rae & Jake?

What really went down between Rae Williams and Zay Wilson? She’s keeping her cards close to her chest.

The couple arrived together at the start of The Ultimatum, split during the trial marriage and left the Netflix reality show single. It seemed like Rae was going to ride off into the sunset with co-star Jake Cunningham instead, because they were given golden tickets to travel anywhere in the world together.

But, during the reunion on April 13, they revealed they didn’t actually use the tickets. 

Rae said they “came to a consensus that everybody needed more time to heal.” She added, “I felt like it was really insensitive to kind of to be like, ‘OK, bye! Yeah, f–k y’all, we’re just going to get on a plane.'”

Rae said on the show that her original partner Zay wasn’t “actively” holding her back. “I think Jake and I both made a conscious choice to kind of backtrack.”

The HBCU alum then shared that she and Zay decided to give it another go after filming ended. “Zay and I did kind of try to fix things,” Rae said during the reunion. “And ultimately that didn’t work out but we did, you know, give it a shot.”

But Zay had a different story, telling her, “Cap. You didn’t go on the trip because you was with me the whole entire damn time.” 


At another point, he said, “If you are so into Jake, why are you f–king me? Why are you f–king me every day?” he asked. She responded, “I was not f–king you every day. We did have sex.” 

In a new TikTok video showing the former couple together, Rae spoke out about what went down between her and Zay. “You can lie about me,” she wrote. “I am staying quiet out of respect for the love I used to have for you. I wish you the best.” 

She also shared how Zay allegedly felt about the golden sex box she had with Jake. “Zay would never stay if we used the stuff in the gold box. It was a gift given to Jake and I. You act like you know zay so well you should know that,” she wrote. “Cause we wouldn’t have been able to laugh that off the way we did on the show, Zay is not one to play with in that regard.” 


Finally, she cautioned fans not to speculate about her Ultimatum relationships. 

“It’s a SHOW,” she said. “You don’t know us. You’re giving your opinion off edited clips. I’m allowed to show love to someone I used to care about.” 

Since posting her TikTok video, she has shared more about her current relationship status and her sexuality. Though she said on the reunion episode that she dated a woman after filming, Rae said she is now single. “The girl I got with after the show is very private,” she said on Instagram on April 15, “and we have kinda taken a step back the past few months with everything going on and the show coming out but we are still very close and hope to revisit things after the summer.” 

She also answered a fan’s question about whether Zay knew she was also attracted to women. As Rae put it, “zay knew because I dated a girl before him. I also told Jake before we made the choice. Both Zay and Jake are not homophobic or bigoted and that was very important to me.” 

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