Why It Was an “Easy Decision” For Jason Oppenheim to Hire Chelsea Lazkani

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Selling Sunset knows how to bring the drama—but don’t look for any between Jason Oppenheim and new hire Chelsea Lazkani

On season five of Netflix’s real estate reality saga, which premiered April 22, Chelsea is brought into the fold at the Oppenheim Group and immediately shakes things up. Jason, co-owner of the Oppenheim Group, was immediately a fan of the newcomer.

“She impressed me off the bat,” Jason told E! News. “It was a pretty easy decision for me. It’s going about exactly as expected. She is bringing in big listings and she’s gaining the confidence of a lot of good clients. We’re working really well together.”

Chelsea instantly aligned herself with Christine Quinn, who has essentially been exiled by the rest of the women at Oppenheim Group. It was a a risky move, to be sure, but Jason says her track record speaks for itself. 

“I love working with Chelsea. We were just together a couple of days ago talking about this huge new listing that we’re working on together that she’s bringing in,” Jason said in the March 29 interview. “She has been exceptional and I’ve gotten pretty good at choosing agents over the last many years and I was confident in what I saw in Chelsea.”

It turns out the feeling is mutual. Chelsea might have her eyes set on an expanded role at Oppenheim Group in the future, but for now? Baby steps.

“Jason is such a great boss and mentor,” Chelsea told E! News. “Nothing’s off the table in the future. For now, my main focus is utilizing Jason as my mentor. Having people work underneath me, that would be my main goal as of now.”

Despite being the newest member of the group, Chelsea already understands how important it is that Jason has such faith in her.

“It really gives me the courage to continue doing what I’m doing,” she said. “It makes me feel confident that I can do things that you don’t traditionally see people like myself doing. Having someone like Jason be there for me, answer my texts late at night, or guide me on transactions that I’m not familiar with just shows me that I’m not in this alone.”

Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix

We smell a real estate dream team in our future!

Watch Jason, Chelsea and the rest of the Oppenheim Group on season five of Selling Sunset, available to stream now on Netflix.

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