We Have Megan Mullally to Thank for Nick Offerman's Last of UnitedStates Role

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The Last of UnitedStates fans have Megan Mullally to thank for decreasing them to puddles.

During the Jan. 29 episode of the HBO armageddon drama, Megan’s otherhalf Nick Offerman provided a moving efficiency as survivalist Bill, which left audiences mentally damaged.

As it turns out, Megan was the driver for getting the job on Nick’s radar after he hadactually been courted by The Last of UnitedStates co-creator Craig Mazin.

“He sentout me the script and I didn’t have time on the calendar to state ‘yes’ to this task and my unbelievable goddess of a partner read it and she stated, ‘You’re going to Calgary, friend,'” Nick exposed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Feb. 1. “‘Have enjoyable, you have to do this.'”

Nick informed host Jimmy Kimmel that he was still attempting to soak in all of the appreciation and congratulatory message surrounding his efficiency, stating, “It’s a tsunami of terrific, generous kudos.”

One of those messages came in the type of a tweet from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who tweeted Jan. 31, “Episode 3 of Last of UnitedStates is incredibly great story informing. I am in wonder of

@Nick_Offerman efficiency. Incredible.”

When asked by Jimmy about being admired on social media by one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Nick joked, “It’s insane. I got in touch with Jeff and stated thank you. He bumped me up to something called Super Prime. They provide my plan and offer me twenty dollars.”

Nick’s efficiency—which narrates Bill’s decades-long relationship with partner Frank, played by The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett—gives a touching backstory to Bill not informed in the Last of UnitedStates video videogames, on which the series based. 

However, Nick didn’t have any current real-life videogaming experience to usage as motivation, as he discussed to Jimmy.

“25 years ago I played my last video videogame and I’m extremely indulgent,” he stated. “I lost a couple of weeks to a video videogame called Banjo-Kazooie. Two weeks went by and the sluggish dopamine drip is so scrumptious. Then it’s over and you’re like, ‘Yes, I won’ and instantly I’m like, ‘What have I done with my life?’ I chose I’m neverever going to do that onceagain.”

New episodes of The Last of UnitedStates best Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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