TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Breaks Down in Tears Talking About Husband Adam's Head Injury

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In a new video, TikTok star CelinaSpookyBoo, who has over 25 million followers on the app, tearfully discussed her husband Adam Myers’ 2017 head injury and how he’s become “a shell of who he was.”

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TikTok star CelinaSpookyBoo is opening up about her husband, Adam Myers, and the head injury he suffered five years ago.

The social media sensation—whose real name is Celina Myers—is known on TikTok for telling pun-filled jokes to her husband, having amassed over 25 million followers on the app in under three years. However, according to Celina, their life is no laughing matter as Adam continues to struggle with medical complications after accidentally hitting his forehead on a pole in their garden back in 2017.

In a new YouTube video posted on April 22, Celina broke down in tears while discussing the aftermath of the injury, sharing with viewers, “I don’t really think Adam has quality of life.”

“There’s never a moment that he’s comfortable,” she continued. “He has to be in his own room and he can’t really do anything with his arms. Everything makes him worse at this point.”

While Adam can feed himself and put on clothes, he suffers from “pounding headaches,” struggles with sleep and is uncomfortable around bright lights and noises, Celina said. He also frequently gets dizzy and nauseous. As a result, Adam rarely leaves the house to socialize with people and often stays at home to sit in silence.

 “We can’t have visitors because he gets so overwhelmed and tired easily, and we can’t really go in public because he can’t walk very much because he gets sick,” Celina explained. “It’s kind of like he’s a ghost sometimes. He’s him, but he’s such a shell of who he was.”


According to Celia, Adam was once “the life of the party,” but now he’s “always in pain” and unable to do the things he loves.

“He’s my best friend,” she said. “It’s been hard to watch him fade away.”

Celia, who also hosts the paranormal podcast The Haunted Estate, noted Adam has seen “so many doctors” about his condition but every treatment he’s been prescribed so far has only made things “worse” for him. The two now plan to enroll Adam in a program at a treatment center in Utah to help him combat his ailments.

“I just want him back,” she said. “It’s been five years and it’s just never been this bad.”

The TikToker explained that she decided to finally share Adam’s story because his whereabouts is the “No. 1 asked question” from fans during events. “I appreciate how much you guys love him. He appreciates it,” she said. “So, hopefully, some people don’t ask me because then immediately I just want to start crying.”

She added, “I know Adam wants to be there. He’s my biggest cheerleader.”

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