Step Inside Bryce Dallas Howard's “Organically Glamorous” Los Angeles Home

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Bryce Dallas Howard‘s home is solid proof that once she signs on for a project, she’s fully committed.

As the actress explained while giving Architectural Digest a tour of her Los Angeles abode, “The color palette for the entire house is pretty much pink and green.”

And if you’re wondering about the inspiration behind what she described as her “organically glamorous” home, Bryce revealed her vision came courtesy of another famous actress.

“We had the chance to visit Mia Farrow once,” Bryce said, referring to the Rosemary Baby star’s farmhouse. “And it was the most magical place. Her house was full of stories and treasures, mementos of such a legendary life. Seth and I left thinking, ‘This is what we aspire to. This is what we want our home to be like.'”

Since then, Bryce said she and actor-husband Seth Gabel have worked to make have worked to make their home a “playful mix of old Hollywood influences, lively vintage pieces, and easygoing Californian vibes.”

But their décor draws from inspiration in all areas of their life, including their professional ones. So much so, that even a small statue of baby Yoda (from Disney’s The Mandalorian) not only fits with their color scheme, but holds a very significant space in Bryce’s heart, too.

“So, I love baby Yoda,” she explained in the clip. “But I really, really, really love baby Yoda to the point where I’m sort of like, he’s my son because I’ve had the tremendous privilege of directing on The Mandalorian since season one.” But the cute statue isn’t the only nod to the series, since there’s even a guest bathroom that incorporates a minute factor from the show.

Referring to their bathroom tile, Bryce noted, “Another sort of fun little detail, this looks like the Mandalorian helmet. So, when I see this tile, I’m like, ‘Oh, Mando, which is fun.”

As far as their home goes, there’s no detail that’s without attribution to a classic moment in time. “Even with the furniture because we’re inspired by that sort of 1980s retro futurism, with a little bit of Michelle PfeifferScarface‘ energy to it as well,” Bryce added. “It’s a little sexy.”


Watch the video above to see what household items were made by Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter!

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