RHONJ 's Jennifer Aydin Breaks Down Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs' “Shocking” Food Fight

RHONJ 's Jennifer Aydin Breaks Down Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs' "Shocking" Food Fight thumbnail

RHONJ Exclusive: Teresa Giudice THROWS Drinks at Margaret

The Real Housewives are rocking Nashville.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey traveled to Tennessee during the April 12 episode for a couples’ vacation with their spouses and significant others. But what started as a lovers getaway quickly spiraled into an explosive food fight between frenemies Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs over rumors about Tre’s fiancé Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

When Teresa accused Margaret of trying to dig up dirt on Louie, Margaret called her co-star a “sick, disgusting liar.” Teresa retaliated by tossing food and anything else in her reach across the dinner table and at Margaret.

Now, RHONJ‘s Jennifer Aydin is breaking down the drama and revealing what it was really like to witness the out-of-control quarrel.

“It was shocking but it was not shocking because, as Margaret always says, know your audience, don’t poke the bear, and this is Teresa Giudice we’re talking about,” Jen told E! News exclusively. “She flips some food, not a table this time.” 

She continued, “It was a buildup for Teresa and I think Margaret triggered her. We’ve all been guilty of doing hostile or aggressive things in the heat of the moment. I think we all remember Margaret throwing wine on Danielle [Staub], pushing Marty in the pool, pouring water over Danielle’s head in a very aggressive and hostile manner. So, listen, it doesn’t excuse it but I think we’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another.”

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“I feel that all Margaret needed to do was be like, ‘OK you want me to stop talking about the love of your life and I need to respect that and own that,'” Jen added. “But because she wouldn’t stop, even though Teresa kept asking her to stop, I feel that it was a buildup and it led to where we were in Nashville.”

After the shocking blowup, Jennifer said, “There was no question in my mind I was gonna go after Teresa and defend her and see if she was OK, because leading up to that there were multiple group discussions where I was even telling Margaret, ‘Listen, why don’t you just acknowledge your part in it all?'” 

“Sometimes it takes somebody to like give in and say uncle,” she said. “Your friend who you claim to be friends with and you claim to care about keeps telling you to let it go and instead you keep rehashing things and bringing up things that really are just rumors. Margaret herself has acknowledged [that], so why don’t you just listen to your friend and instead you call her a sick and disgusting liar. I mean what did you expect Teresa Giudice to do? Know your audience.”

Jennifer also admitted she believes there’s substance behind Teresa’s accusations that Margaret was digging up dirt on Louie.

“Teresa had some proof that Margaret was communicating with I don’t know who to be exact,” she shared. “But you’re asking me if I believe it to be true: I don’t know for a fact but I do believe it to be true, yes.”

See how the drama plays out next week when The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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