RHOBH 's Erika Jayne Slams Garcelle Beauvais for Mentioning Amelia Hamlin in New Book

RHOBH 's Erika Jayne Slams Garcelle Beauvais for Mentioning Amelia Hamlin in New Book thumbnail

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Erika Jayne is once again expressing her disdain for Garcelle Beauvais‘ new book.

During an April 13 Twitter Q&A, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star responded to several tweets about Garcelle, who recently released a memoir, Love Me as I Am.

One follower asked Erika whether Garcelle “trashed the whole cast [to] get publicity.” Erika’s response? “Just @lisarinna @KyleRichards and @AmeliaGHamlin a teenager.”

Erika seemed to be referencing chapter eight, “Reality Bites: Behind-the-Scenes Stories,” which centers on Garcelle’s RHOBH experiences. It does rehash a season 11 incident involving Lisa Rinna and daughter Amelia Hamlin, who is actually 20 and never mentioned by name.

Here’s what Garcelle, in part, actually wrote: “One dustup came when I simply asked Lisa Rinna, whom I have known for years, if she thought that dancing in her underwear on social media had an effect of her daughter’s struggles with food…It was a heartfelt mom-to-mom sort of question not meant to body-shame anyone. Well, clearly there was a nerve struck because it ended up with a very direct, very public ‘F–k off’ a few days later from her daughter. I would have respected Lisa delivering that message more.” 

Admitting that the drama felt very “high school,” Garcelle went on to explain that she and Lisa not only settled the matter, but that Lisa apologized for the comment Amelia made on RHOBH.

“At our very civilized meeting, [Lisa] proceeded to call herself a ‘c-nt,’ pardon my language, over and over again, confessing that she realized that her actions and attacks on me were wrong,” Garcelle wrote. “Leave it to Lisa! She admitted that she’d taken a lot of heat for allowing her daughter to tell me to ‘F—OFF’ on camera. I told her that as a mother, I would never have allowed my child to blatantly disrespect another adult in such a crass way. She apologized immediately, and I really appreciated that.”

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As for Kyle Richards, Garcelle shares in her book her perspective on the accusation Kyle made during the RHOBH season 11 reunion—that Garcelle hadn’t followed through on a charity donation—in addition to rehashing the nuanced conversation they later shared about it, which played out on season 12.

More than once, Garcelle clarified that she has “nothing against Kyle.” Instead, Garcelle expressed her gratitude for the sit-down talk, during which she explained that accusation was harmful to her as a Black woman because of longstanding racial stereotypes. “At that time, having that conversation,” Garcelle wrote, “her eyes had been opened; she finally heard me.”  

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Garcelle names Erika twice in the book, and both mentions come in the same surprisingly positive paragraph:: “Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley were also costars I found camaraderie with, but for different reasons. With Erika, I took instantly to her no-nonsense, direct, cut-to-the-chase attitude. It was very New York. A little tough and dude-leaning, just like me. She’s seen some things. I respected her story and struggle to get to where she was. Not an easy beginning, but she made it, baby!”

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