Ms. Marvel 's Iman Vellani Reveals This MCU Actress Is Her Mentor

Ms. Marvel 's Iman Vellani Reveals This MCU Actress Is Her Mentor thumbnail

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Captain Marvel to the rescue!

On June 8, Ms. Marvel finally arrived on our small screens and introduced Iman Vellani, who stars as Kamala Khan, a Muslim teen hero. And while Vellani is new to the Marvel Universe, she has a mentor by her side to help her adjust. The mentor, you ask? None other than Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson

“Brie actually reached out to me like a week after I got the part,” Iman said in an interview with E! News’ Twitter series, While You Were Streaming. “We just talked on video chat for hours, sharing stories. I was listening to her give me really great advice on how to take care of yourself because you can get lost in this world and everything can get super overwhelming and it’s a lot of emotions and new experiences”

She continued, “Just hearing someone who’s as established and successful as Brie have the same problems that I’m having was just really comforting.”

Iman also noted that Brie was supportive throughout filming.

“Any time I had any issue on set,” the actress told Variety, “I would text her and she’d make herself so available to answer my questions, as silly or small as they were.”

But Brie isn’t the only one who came to Iman’s rescue. The actress revealed that Kumail Nanjiani and Simu Liu also reached out.

“The fact that I have these people by my side is more than I could have ever asked,” Iman shared with the publication. “Just the fact that people at Marvel know my name and now people like Kumail, Simu and Brie truly just want to protect me and take care of me and guide me throughout this very daunting process, it means the world.”

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