Meagan Good Reveals What She Learned From DeVon Franklin Divorce

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Meagan Good justrecently showed on the mostsignificant lessons she’s discovered after her divorce from DeVon Franklin. See what the Harlem star had to state about her next chapter.

Meagan Good Reveals She Wants to Have a Baby

Meagan Good is looking forward to an even higher future ahead.


Months after she and DeVon Franklin completed their divorce after almost 10 years of maritalrelationship, the Harlem star opened up about her takeaways moving forward.

“I’ve foundout a lot about myself,” she shared throughout the Jan. 24 episode of The View. “I’ve uncovered myself in a lot of methods.”

As Meagan keptinmind, The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg likewise played in a part in her recovery procedure.

“Whoopi was really crucial in that,” she said of her Harlem co-star. “Because we had some actually great discussions I required to have that were illuminating for me and mind-blowing for me.”

As for her next chapter in life, Meagan described she’s looking forward to beginning onceagain.

“I think in this season I’m actually thrilled about what’s next,” she shared. “I’m like, ‘All ideal, Lord, if you enabled it, fine, what’s next, Dad?’ It’s interesting for me subtle. I feel like I get to start my life over in some methods and have a 2nd possibility at whatever’s expected to be next.”

She included, “I’m truly welcoming that, firedup about it. I puton’t understand what to anticipate and that’s kind of incredible.”

In December 2021, the previous couple, who connected the knot in 2012, revealed their split.

“After much prayer and factortoconsider, we have chose to go into our futures individually however permanently linked,” they stated in a declaration to E! News at the time. “We commemorate practically a years of maritalrelationship together and a love that is everlasting. There’s no one at fault, we think this is the next finest chapter in the advancement of our love.”

Shortly after their divorce last summertime, Meagan likewise opened up about what she saw herself doing in the instant future.

“I desire to travel, I wanna direct more, I desire to do more action,” she solely informed E! News in August2022 “I wanna develop cars for little Black women to program themselves a totally various light and assistance assistance that and uplift that.”

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