Listedbelow Deck 's Captain Sandy Yawn Says Fraser Olender “Has a Lot to Learn” as Chief Stew

Listedbelow Deck 's Captain Sandy Yawn Says Fraser Olender "Has a Lot to Learn" as Chief Stew thumbnail

Calling Chief Stew Fraser Olender “great,” Below Deck‘s Captain Sandy Yawn shared her truthful ideas about his handling design and teased a warmed upcoming fight with him on season 10.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender on Becoming Show’s First Male Chief Stew

Despite being the initially male Chief Stew in Below Deck history, Fraser Olender can still findout a thing or 2.

At least that’s what Captain Sandy Yawn believes after working with Fraser on season 10 of the struck Bravo series—specifically when it comes to his handling design.

“In my viewpoint, I believe Fraser has a lot to findout on how to different relationship and management,” she solely informed E! News. “He’s excellent. It’s his veryfirst time as Chief Stew, he’s confessed that.”

Having currently faced Fraser this season assoonas about being more stern with his team members—specifically Stew Camille Lamb priorto she was fired for slacking on the task on the Jan. 16 episode—Sandy included, “The leader has to actually weave inbetween the characters and have this fine line in the sand. You can’t cross relationship and management and that’s hard.”

That might come in the future, as she keptinmind, “You wear’t findout that in one season—you mostlikely puton’t discover that in your 2nd season as primary—but you do discover it over time.”

Yet, the justrecently launched midseason trailer teases drama inbetween Sandy and Fraser that leads to her sitting him down for a severe individually talk.

“Fraser was signingupwith the chatter,” Sandy exposed of their upcoming discord. “When you lead a group, you have to shut it down. It endsupbeing the cancer of the boat. It begins penetrating for the boat and it takes the spirits down and if you’re not pleased with your captain, well, that’s something you requirement to work through.”

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“Fraser desires to do a excellent task, he desires to be ideal, he desires to please everybody,” she continued. “He’s doing his really best. Again, this is his veryfirst season as Chief Stew ever in his life. He’s figuring it out. I puton’t take it individual, however what I had to do was shut it down. You will neverever gain the regard of your peers if there’s no fine line. People requirement to be led.”

Fraser formerly confessed to dealingwith a “learning curve” throughout his veryfirst season as Chief Stew, including of Sandy, “I required her to sort of kick me up the booty and inform me that I requirement to stop being such a good person and get the task done.”

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