Huge Time Rush's Vision for the Next 10 Years Proves They Can't Get Enough of Singing and Acting

Huge Time Rush's Vision for the Next 10 Years Proves They Can't Get Enough of Singing and Acting thumbnail

Big Time Rush Tease New Music

Don’t anticipate Big Time Rush to have some little strategies for the future.

After experiencing a whirlwind 2022, members Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega and James Maslow are prepared to keep the celebration going for faithful fans with a summerseason trip and new music.

“For the band, we have big dreams with music,” Kendall solely shared with E! News after revealing the Can’t Get Enough Tour. “We’re continuously putting out terrific things and reaching objectives that we’ve set. But I believe we constantly desire to continue to accomplish more with that. There’s simply a lot of music and a lot of imagination there.” 

Formed in 2009, Big Time Rush was initially a musical comedy series that kicked off on Nickelodeon. A movie adjustment called Big Time Movie premiered in 2012 priorto the kid band went on hiatus in 2014.

But assoonas the group returned in 2022 with brand-new music and a sold-out trip, the men recognized their dreams were just getting begun.

“I hope that we’re able to continue to grow this brandname, grow this task and in the next 10 years, I understand we all would love to continue visiting,” James stated. “On a individual side, I definitely desire to continue on the acting front. I desire to keep moving there with movie and TELEVISION and have that work right togetherwith these tasks like we’re doing right now.”

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Speaking of movie, James confessed that bringing Big Time Rush back to the huge or little screen is an “ongoing discussion.”

“We are 4 stars as well as artists,” he stated. “But we would desire to do it in a fresh method.”

So, perhaps not a reboot, however possibly as a Broadway musical? 

“Carlos is a huge Lin-Manuel Miranda fan and likes his tasks. What if they did a Big Time Rush musical?” Kendall mused. “Big Time Rush: The Musical. It’s really not a bad motionpicture concept. We all get together to do a musical.”

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Logan included, “I simply desire to develop art. That’s the finest part of being present and then seeing what you’re capable of and what you can do.”

For now, the men have their hands complete with the new tune “Can’t Get Enough.” They likewise are currently preparing for the Can’t Get Enough Tour with Jax and Max, which kicks off June 22.

“To be sincere, we didn’t think that we were going to be going on trip this summertime onceagain,” Carlos stated. “We did last summerseason. Everything simply kept going and we’re like, ‘Yeah, perhaps we go onceagain!'” 

It’s that favorable mindset that can’t be overlooked from old and brand-new fans alike. And although the future is tough to anticipate, all of the men are grateful to be relishing the present. 

“We’re going and simply rolling with the punches and that’s how we’ve been going at it,” Kendall stated. “We’re simply having enjoyable most notably.”

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