How Summer House 's Wine-Throwing Fight Between Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera Played Out

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The latest episode of Summer House was anything but wine-derful for Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera.

Fans knew a dramatic showdown was coming after the previous week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, and it didn’t take long for things to kick into high gear on April 4. We’re thrown right back into the argument, and now it’s not just between Ciara and Lindsay Hubbard, but also Ciara and Danielle (who’s sticking up for Lindsay). 

At the center of all the tension is, of course, Austen Kroll. He and Lindsay made out at her recent birthday party, and though he wasn’t dating Ciara at the time, the pair did have a situationship while filming Winter House in Vermont. The Austen-Lindsay make-out hurt Ciara’s feelings, so she took it out on Lindsay and Danielle. (Side note: It’s clearly Austen who should be on the receiving end of the backlash.) 

But we digress. Back at the dinner party from hell, Ciara and Danielle are now in each other’s faces. 

Danielle not-so-kindly recommends that Ciara “sit the f–k down,” and before you know it, Ciara throws a glass of red wine at her.


Production stepped in at that point to separate the two, leaving the rest of the cast to clean up the mess (RIP, Carl Radke‘s white pants). Danielle cooled off with help from Lindsay, while Mya Allen consoled Ciara, who immediately regretted throwing the wine. “My emotions definitely got the best of me,” she said in a confessional. “And I should not have reacted that way. But I definitely reached my breaking point.”

From there, things were relatively calm. Ciara apologized to her roommates that night, and Danielle the next day. “Me and Lindsay have our own s–t,” Ciara told her, “but I don’t want it to affect me and you.”

Later, Ciara sat down with Lindsay, too.

“I just felt really hurt by the whole situation,” Ciara told her, referencing the make-out. “A part of me kind of felt like you were intentionally doing it to rub it in my face because we never fully talked about what happened in Vermont.”

But Lindsay insisted that regardless of Vermont, “Austen and I have always sort of had this thing.”

“It’s just been the nature of our friendship,” she added. “It’s made his girlfriends insecure; it’s made my boyfriends insecure. I think I’ll always have a thing. I do like Austen. I’m still figuring that out too. But it f–king sucks that you feel a little bit rejected and I’m sorry for my portion of that because that f–king sucks.”

With that, Ciara declared that she would be “stepping all the way back.”


“I’m not competing or entering a love triangle because I just don’t give a f–k about a guy enough,” Ciara added. “I don’t want to give him another thought.”

Hallelujah! The pair then shared a swig of rosé, and all was right with the world (for now).

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