How Kate Middleton and Meaghan Markle's Outfits Paid Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey Sept. 19, wearing outfits that paid subtle homage to the late monarch.

Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Honor Queen With Jewelry at Procession

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are paying subtle tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

For the late Queen’s funeral on Sept. 19 (you can watch the services here), the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex each donned jewelry gifted to them by the late monarch. Kate wore pearl drop earrings and a four-strand pearl and diamond choker, the latter which she has worn during many occasions over the years.

Kate first wore the priceless necklace in 2017, during the Queen and Prince Philip‘s 70th anniversary celebrations, later donning it for Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021. 

The pearls from the choker were reportedly gifted to the Queen by the Japanese government in the 1970s. The late monarch wore the necklace several times throughout her life, including to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher‘s 70th birthday party in 1995. 

As for the earrings, those were a wedding gift to Queen Elizabeth from the Hakim of Bahrain. Notably, Princess Diana also wore both the necklace and earrings for multiple state events, including on a state visit with the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix in 1982.

Like Kate, Meghan honored the Queen through her mourning outfit. For the services, she wore a pair of diamond and pearl stud earrings, which were gifted to her by the Queen in2018 Meghan was first seen wearing the studs during her first and only joint appearance with the Queen in June 2018.

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Since the Queen’s death on Sept. 8, the royal family has paid tribute to their beloved grandmother in many ways, including through their mourning outfits. 

Buckingham Palace confirmed Kate was wearing the Queen’s favorite three-strand pearl necklace to a reception for the governors-general of the Commonwealth nations Sept. 17.

The Queen wore the pearls almost daily, even sporting them in her last-ever portrait, which was released on Sept. 17, the eve of her funeral. According to Buckingham Palace, the photo of the beaming Queen was taken earlier this year to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

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