Daphne Oz's MasterChef Junior Baby Shower Will Leave You Craving More Than Good Food

Daphne Oz's MasterChef Junior Baby Shower Will Leave You Craving More Than Good Food thumbnail

MasterChef Junior: Daphne Oz’s Magical Gift

Showering Daphne Oz with love has never looked—or tasted—so good. 

As the competition heats up on a new season of MasterChef Junior, Gordon Ramsay is making sure the show marks his fellow judge’s pregnancy journey with a delicious challenge.

“We’re celebrating a very special milestone in Mrs. Daphne’s life,” he said in an exclusive sneak peek of the April 14 episode. “The arrival of her new baby. We’re having the most amazing baby shower!”

Before the 12 contestants are divided into two teams—girls vs. boys—and tasked with creating the ultimate savory and sweet balanced meal for guests of Daphne’s event, fellow judge Aarón Sánchez has a big surprise.

“I have to be honest,” he shared. “I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to get you for a gift. I think I found the perfect thing for you.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a bird or a plane. It’s a unicorn! “Are you kidding me?” 8-year-old contestant Cruz said in awe. “I thought unicorns were extinct, but I’m wrong.”

The baby shower was filmed in 2019 when Daphne was pregnant with her daughter Giovanna Ines Jovanovi. She is also mom to daughter Philomena, 8, son Jovan, 6, and daughter Domenica, 4, with husband John Jovanovic.

Before MasterChef Junior‘s magical episode airs, Daphne shared more details into what made her baby shower so special.

“My sprinkle was a special occasion with some truly magical visitors!” she said. “I loved getting to share the day with lots of fellow pregnant mamas as we enjoyed a beautiful brunch, and our contestants pulled out all the stops to really treat us to a very sweet celebration!”

And for those who haven’t made their reservations to experience a new season of MasterChef Junior yet, Daphne argued that it’s not too late to fall in love with the young contestants competing for a trophy and $100,000 in prize money.

“So many of them are 8-year-olds who know how to make pasta from scratch and sear a gorgeous filet!” she said. “As a mother of four children, I find our contestant’s confidence and joy in the kitchen so inspiring. I’ve been watching the show with my kids—they’re obsessed!—which has definitely lit a fire for them about what kids’ culinary capabilities can look like. And we host our own mini competitions at home now…lots of garlic bread and salad dressings in the works!

Consider us sold and hungry!

MasterChef Junior airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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