Christy Giles’ Husband Jan Cilliers Reacts to Her Cause of Death

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Jan Cilliers, the husband of Christy Giles,  is speaking out after officials determined that the late model died of multiple drug intoxication.

Giles, 24, and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26, were left unresponsive outside two hospitals in Los Angeles after a night out in November. Both tested positive for multiple drugs in their system, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office. Giles died with a mixture of cocaine, fentanyl, ketamine and gamma hydroxybutyrate acid—commonly referred to as GHB or the date rape drug—found in her system, according to her online records reviewed by E! News. 

Cilliers exclusively told E! News that it was “surprising” that drugs were involved in her cause of death. “It’s not like she was a regular drug user, you know what I mean?” he said. “But those two things are very concerning. Because one is a date rape drug and the second one is something that has been killing a lot of people recently.”

Giles was dumped outside of Southern California Hospital in Culver City by three masked men in a black Toyota Prius with no license plate, the police previously said. Three men—David Pearce, 38, Brandt Osborn, 42, and Michael Ansbach, 47—were arrested in December in connection to the deaths.

Both deaths were determined to be homicides, something that Cilliers said he had been “suspecting all along.”

Jan Cilliers

“I’m, firstly relieved that it was ruled a homicide, and that it’s more likely that the DA’s office is going to press charges,” Cilliers told E! News. “Secondly, I’m also very sad that Christie’s last moments were in this situation.”

Pearce was charged with manslaughter while the other two were accused of being accessories to manslaughter in December. Since then, Osborn and Ansbach were released from police custody the same month while Pearce remains in custody on $3.4 million bail from sexual assault charges unrelated to Giles and Cabrales-Arzola cases.

“I’ve not yet spoken to the DA,” Cilliers continued. “I’m waiting til the case has all the pieces of evidence that they’re waiting for and then I’ll make contact with them.”

Cilliers first met Giles at an art gallery in West Hollywood, he told E! News. They had their first date on Valentine’s Day in 2019 and were married in August of that year.

“She was a big lover,” he recalled. “She loved everybody. She was an amazing person. She was a successful model.”

Jan Cilliers

He added that she was planning to enroll back to school and study psychology, saying, “She was interested in helping a lot of people. She wanted to get into that. She felt like that’d be a more fulfilling life for her than modeling.”

Cilliers added that Giles was “a beautiful soul” that cared for people, upholding love and respect for the people in her life.

“Everyone misses her a lot,” he said. “She was a blessing to be around and our life has definitely been changed without her.” 

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