Andy Cohen Says He's “Never Seen Anyone” Like This Real Housewives of Dubai Star

Andy Cohen Says He's "Never Seen Anyone" Like This Real Housewives of Dubai Star thumbnail

Andy Cohen Explains Why The RHODubai Cast Is So Special

Real Housewives’ newest locale is a desert, but the show is anything but dry. 

The newest installation of the franchise, The Real Housewives of Dubai, premiered on June 1, and it’s clear that the women of the United Arab Emirates will be bringing loads of drama this season, according to Andy Cohen. “As the episodes continue,” he said during an exclusive interview on E!’s While You Were Streaming, “I think you start to scratch beyond the surface of what it means to live there.”

Andy predicted that fans will especially enjoy getting to know one Housewife in particular. “I’ve never in 16 years of producing this show seen anyone like Chanel Ayan,” the Bravo host said. “She is just wild. She shows up in a ballgown to the mall. I’ve never seen anything like her. She’s so funny, she’s so beautiful, she’s so bigger than life yet she’s also really relatable and has an incredible back story, which you’ll learn more about later.”

“I think they’re all quite notable,” Andy added of the RHODubai cast, “but I think Chanel is someone who’s really gonna stick in people’s minds.”

Andy also thinks that Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury‘s story line will interest viewers—specifically, her upcoming wedding to former soccer player Sergio Carrallo, who’s nearly 20 years her junior.

“One thing that I find so compelling about Caroline is—and I think that she would be fine with me saying this—she’s kind of an unapologetic bitch, to quote Madonna,” Andy said. “Which I love about her. She has no qualms about saying, ‘Look, this is who I am.’ And you kind of find out more about why she is the way she is as the episodes go on.”


What else can viewers expect? “A lot of humor” from not just Ayan, but Caroline Brooks and Lesa Milan, too, Andy said. “They’re really gonna have people laughing.”

All in all, there’s just something special about RHODubai. As Andy put it, “It feels so international and glamorous and just different. 

“We have got a really diverse, brilliant group of women,” he added. “It definitely feels like something we’ve never seen before, which is really exciting”

Hear more from Andy on E!’s While You Were Streaming in the above clip.

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